First Cup of Coffee from the New Keurig 2.0

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I have my brand new Keurig 2.0 K550 here, I wanted in a contest the my Brew, Crew contest can I’m gonna try it for the first time here at got my water tank feel that eighty else’s water there, they gave me a filter and I’m not calling because the year little filter holder what ames bro, so it’s like to stay together, but anyway I am gonna brew a carafe. I’ve never brewed a que corer, I’m gonna do that and they’re so first I gotta take this, however the way and then check out this is what I came with a que corer and it goes right there, and then they gave me some samples it. 
So let’s see what we got picturing, we hear ranch Roche range panella donut shop coffee breakfast board, I’m a big fan a French Roast, so that’s what I’m gonna put in there, so lift the handle in gonna put it in here making sure that little circle spacing down kind a tight fit, it wasn’t like that, alright on the screen ECS make sure it’s up there and you can actually select do, you want to read 3 cups for 250 caps, bring 4 cups Paso imagine beer cups a stronger, more cups is weaker on. when I go with the default 3 or 4 cups, and I’m gonna press the brew right there gonna come through. 
Union fear Berliner knife your carafe is already, and your knee okay, I have it set the clock it, and literally 312 a.m. then again it might be alright got Mia commode, it sees no, you know it’s Halloween get some scary black a Raven’s here, ashtec today’s Merck alright pool carafe here in or in a cup coffee, you know I’m that’s a no I take my coffee black who cream parent steer.

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