Descale Keurig K Supreme With Vinegar

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I’m going to show you how to descale keurig k supreme with vinegar, i just did a article on How To Keurig K-Supreme Descale,┬ábut this ranges from price at walmart $6 to 20 off of amazon, you can buy this white vinegar for a buck 50 at walmart, it comes in 64 fluid ounces, it’s distilled white vinegar we’re going to need a measuring cup, when we use this we just dump the whole thing in and fill it up with water and dump it in, but we’re going to fill this up to the ounce mark with white vinegar right to the 14 ounce.

Now the first thing we want to make sure, make sure you don’t have a cake up in here, make sure this is empty, it’s going to be empty for the entire process and we’re going to empty the reservoir, now if you have a water filter in your reservoir, you’re going to want to take that out too, now that black thing down there that’s not a water reservoir or that’s not a water filter for say but you’ll notice you have, if you have a water filter, it’s a great big thing that kind of sticks in over top of that okay, i’ve got my water reservoir empty here’s my 14 ounces of vinegar.

So if you don’t have a measuring cup, you know just fill it up to about here with vinegar, now we’re gonna get another 14 ounces of fresh water and put it in here, so i’ve got 14 ounces of fresh water, so i’ve got my water and my vinegar in here, now vinegar does kind of stink a little bit when it’s being run through a machine and heat it up.

So what’s really nice about this k supreme is, it’s got a descaling mode, so you definitely want to be doing this, if your descale light is on, you’re going to want to do this, and you should be doing it about every 3 months. So we’re going to make sure the unit’s plugged in, we’re going to turn power off, so no lights are on, and now to enter descaling mode, we’re going to hold the 8 ounce and the 12 ounce buttons together at the same time for 3 seconds, they’ll start flashing in the k light, so the k light comes on and the descale light comes on, that means we’re in descaling mode.

So now i’ve got my container, it’s going to run about 14 ounces through, i’m just going to press the k button the machine is going to heat up that vinegar and water and run it, through here and we’ll we’ll throw this out when it, it runs through, so again it does kind of splash all over when it’s doing the descaling normally this machine doesn’t splash, when it’s brewing coffee, it does a really good job but just during discount it does sort of splash, so again this is going to go up to about the 14 ounce / 12-14 ounce and stop we’re going to throw it away then we’re going to press that k button again.

We’re going to keep doing that it takes two times until the low water light comes on, now i have found, so this i do like the keurig descaling solution, it’s just a little easier to work with i do find that you, i need to do a little more rinsing with the vinegar, just because it is such a strong kind of like flavor or something it kind of has a strong smell to it, i really just want to run a little extra water through the machine to kind of make sure it’s emptied out with the descaling solution.

I don’t have that fear it seems like when you do the rinse that the book tells you, it’s enough but you need to give yourself about 30 minutes, maybe about 35-40 minutes with the white vinegar, this is a little quicker, so i’m going to empty this out the k buttons flashing once, i empty it out, i’ll press it again, so the descale lights on, i don’t press anything, i don’t turn the power on nothing, i just press the k button again.

So it’s going to run another 14 ounces through it’s going to get really low and then the add water light is going to come on and then i’m still not going to touch anything, i’m going to rinse this out fill it up with water and press the k button again, so we stay in descaling mode the entire time, when it’s running the vinegar through and when it’s doing the rinse after it’s done, the final rinse the descale light will go off and we’ll be out of descaling mode.

Descale Keurig K Supreme With Vinegar

Descale Keurig K Supreme With Vinegar

So the add water light came on, so now i’m gonna take this over i do have some vinegar, and water left in here, i’m just gonna throw that out and i’m gonna wash this out with soap and water and fill it up to the max line with fresh water, so i’ve got it filled up to the max line with water, i haven’t touched anything up here the k button is still flashing, i’m still in descale mode, so now i’m just going to press the k button again, it’s going to run, now it’s going to run the fresh water through here about 14/12 to 14 ounces.

I’m going to dump it out each time, i dump it out, i got to repress the k button, i’m going to do that about 4 or 5 times until the add water light and when this thing gets down to the bottom and the add water light comes on, it’s going to shut itself off the descale light’s going to go off and it’s going to be completely off that means the process is done and you’re out of descaling mode, but right now we are in descaling mode, so we’re getting towards the end, this is about we’re still in descaling mode.

So at the end of that last one when it ran out of water, it just turned itself off the descale light went out, this isn’t flashing, so now i’m out of descaling mode, i’m going to fill the water reservoir back up, so i’ve got my water reservoir filled back up, now here’s where if you use the keurig solution, you can be done this thing is ready to use, since i’m using vinegar, i like to do just a couple more rinses, so i’m just going to turn the machine on your descale light should be out, and i’m going to lift the lever, so again i like to just do a couple more rinses even though, we’re out of the descale mode, so the descale light went off, i’ve got my water full of my reservoir full of fresh water.

I’m going to turn the machine on, i’m going to lift the lever, i’m going to make sure there’s no cake up in here, still close the lever and i want to do a couple 12 oz, i’m going to press the 12 ounce and the k button, this just runs a couple, i’m going to do that a couple times and you might have to lift the handle in between each time to activate it, but i just like to do a couple more rinses because that vinegar is just a little stronger of a it just has a more of a smell to it.

So that gives it a few more rinses again, you can check out my article on how to use the descaling solution, it’s quite a bit the same, i’m also going to do a article on cleaning the needles, there is 5 needles on the top and 1 needle on the bottom, i’m going to show you how to clean that and i’ve also got a detailed review on how to make iced coffee, and kind of how to use the machine, if you’ve got any questions on how i descaled this, leave them in the comments down below, i check them on a daily basis i’m also going to do a comparison article, so i’ve got the k elite here, i’m going to compare the k elite to this, i’m also going to compare this to the cuisinart has a really nice k-cup coffee maker.

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