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The Keurig 2.0 is a very popular coffee maker. It is so popular because of its design. The design of the Keurig brand of coffee makers is different from traditional coffee makers. It is different in that it doesn’t use filters. Instead of a filter, the coffee comes in a pod unit with the coffee and filter built into a tiny cup which is known as the K-cup. You simply make coffee by adding water to the machine and putting a K-cup into the holder. The advantage of this is that your coffee is perfectly measured, it is easy to clean up and it is efficient.
Because so much water goes in the Keurig or any coffee machine for that matter, they have to be cleaned. One great way to clean is by using a descale Keurig 2.0 vinegar cleaner. What this does is run a vinegar solution through the Keurig to kill any bacteria that might form inside the machine. This is something that you should do with all coffee machines and not just the Keurig. Doing this once a week or so will ensure that your Keurig is in great operating order.
Some specifics that you might want to pay attention to are methods of using the descale Keurig 2.0 vinegar cleaner. One thing that we love to do is to put the solution in and allow it to sit. By allowing it to sit it is able to really clean the inside reservoir of the Keurig, this the part that you can not see and where all the water is stored in the machine. It is also an area that you can’t easily dry because it is all internal to the coffee machine. By letting the vinegar solution sit, you are allowing to give the machine a deep cleaning.
One mistake that many Keurig owners make is believing that just because the Keurig heats the water that the reservoir will be clean and that it will kill any bacteria. Sadly that is not true because of the internal nature of the water reservoir, the fact that the water isn’t hot enough to kill any bacteria, that all of the water  doesn’t drain from the reservoir and eventually lowers to room temperature which is the perfect breeding grown for bacteria to grow and thrive. So you must do a thorough cleaning of your Keurig coffee machine.

This article is not meant to be an alarmist article because there are plenty of those articles around. Some falsely try to make it look like the Keurig is this bacteria creating machine but that is not true. Even a standard coffee maker needs its water tank cleaned regularly. The average kitchen is full of various forms of bacteria, some harmful and some helpful. As a Keurig owner you are simply doing proper maintenance by descaling your Keurig with a vinegar solution. It is just one of those maintenance and health things that should be done and this is the solution that you should use.

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