A Comparison Review Of Keurig K300 Vs K500

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In a world spoilt for choices, coffee seems to be holding its ground as the world’s most popular beverage. There are many beverages that have been marketed with an aim of ousting coffee as the leading beverage, but none has so far reached the popularity level that coffee has. In the U.S alone, there are 100 million daily coffee drinkers of regular coffee and astonishing 30 million daily consumers of specially made or specially brewed coffee. 
Such mammoth numbers are a testament of how popular coffee is. This popularity can be attributed to the unique taste of coffee and the stimulating effect it has due to traces of caffeine. However, another aspect of coffee that seems to pull more and more people into the habit of drinking it is the myriad of different coffee that can be made. There are so many types of coffee that differently brewed that one opt for, including iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte and many others, from which everyone seems to find at least one that they like. 
This gives you an idea of how important quality brewing is when it comes to coffee making and coffee consumptions. In the same line of thought, one thing should pop into your mind when thinking of coffee brewing is the coffee making machines. They have become part of our lives and have become very common kitchen utensils. At the helm of the most recognizable coffee makers brand is Keurig coffee makers. 
Established in the 1990s by a group of college roommates, Keurig rose to become one of the most popular brands of coffee making machines in America. Their new offering in the form of Keurig 2.0, K300 and K500 seem to be headed in that particular direction – stellar coffee making machines. However, they are inherently different and both sport different capabilities. It thus becomes very important for you acquaint yourself with the two models of machines and more so their differences.
Comparison: Keurig K300 Vs K500 
K300 Series
These series features models with modest capabilities especially with regards to customization capabilities. Its ability to make coffee as a coffee maker cannot be questioned, but the customization options to make life earlier are rather lacking. 
It has a 60 oz. capacity water reservoir, which is quite modest. It also sports a 2” gray monochromatic LED display unit to display time and other information. It does not have a hot water dispenser function nor does it have a cleansing brew cycle function. These two functions can, however, be achieved by running a brew cycle without having K-caps in place. It is limited to 125 variety of K-cap flavors from a total of about 400 flavor options. Programming options include an auto shut off, energy saving and filler reminder features.
It is priced at $140, making it relatively cheaper than the K500 models.
The K500 features some of the most robust functionalities to don on a coffee maker. It has an 80 oz. water reservoir. The LED display is a colored 3.5”, customizable by adding wallpapers and through the night color option. Unlike the K300, it also has a hot water dispenser and cleaning brew cycle, thus adding convenience to it. Additionally, it has more programming functions including favorite brew. It, however, cost a lot more – $190.
Depending on your preference with regards to brewing functionalities and your budget, any of the two can suffice as a great machine as the Keurig K300 vs K500 has shown.

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