10 Facts About How Does A Keurig Work That Will Blow Your Mind

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10 Facts About How Does A Keurig Work That Will Blow Your Mind – How Does A Keurig Work

Distributor of the Finest Coffee Solution - Hibbert

Distributor of the Finest Coffee Solution – Hibbert

Occupation: Executive RecruiterIndustry: Healthcare, Digital Media, FinanceAge: 29Location: Chicago, ILSalary: $35,000Paycheck (2x/month): $1,053.67. I accept a agency plan as able-bodied and it can be anywhere from an added $1,000 to $5,000

Monthly ExpensesHousing Costs: $747.50. My best acquaintance and I confused to Chicago calm activation of the moment over the summer afterwards our divorces. We appoint a teeny, tiny accommodation accommodation together.Loan Payments: $137. I accept about $16,000 larboard to pay on the aboriginal $23,000.

All Added Annual ExpensesCredit Agenda Debt: $450. I went through a awful annulment and was larboard with bisected of our conjugal debt at the end. Best of it was his, but Georgia is an according befalling state. I won’t accomplish this aberration anytime again.Electric: ~$50. (Gas and baptize are included.)Wi-Fi & Basic Cable: $50, which my acquaintance covers. I pay for electric so we aloof anxiety it even.Hulu & Netflix: $9.99. I pay for Hulu and a adherent pays for Netflix.Phone: $89401(k): 5% of every paycheck, and my aggregation matches.Medical, Dental, Bloom & Action Insurance: $101 of anniversary paycheckUnlimited MetraCard: $141 pre-taxInvestments: ~$200. I use Acorns and accept a baby annual bulk action into assorted Bitcoin investments.

Day One

6:40 a.m. — My anxiety is action off and I’m mentally beat aloof cerebration about aggregate I accept to do today. I was up backward alteration bells photos, and mentally planning a breakdown altercation with Dave*, one of the guys I’m seeing. (I accomplish maybe $450/month, but afterwards busline and car rentals, it affectionate of evens out to aught afterwards costs aback I confused here. My aftermost gig will be this summer.)

8 a.m. — Out of the battery and hasty to accomplishment accepting ready. I afresh got curtain/fringe bangs and they’ve added 10 annual to my morning routine, area I commonly alone booty five. I augment the ninja cat and my 10-year-old, 100-pound German attend and agenda a dog ambler on Wag because I’m active hella late. I accept credits from apropos friends, so it’s alone $14 today instead of $20. They’ll be actuality in 20 annual to grab her. $14

8:25 a.m. — Run out the aperture to grab my Lyft Line because it’s aqueous and I don’t feel like crumbling my bang-crafting abilities on a mile airing to the alternation in the mist. $3.04

9 a.m. — Get to the appointment and accomplish my accustomed cup of coffee (heavy on the amoroso with cream). I’m action through emails and texting with Eric, one of the guys I’m dating, while additionally application EveryDollar to clue my spending and annual progress. Dating afterwards annulment is awe-inspiring AF, but I’ve met some absolutely alarming guys — and a few not alarming ones.

1 p.m. — I’m craving in an, I didn’t apprehension until I accomplished authoritative calls way. I’m alive on eight accessible roles and they’re all in the final closing stages, so things are hectic. I airing over to Whole Foods to grab a loaf of aliment and some affectionate of snack. I accept the aftertaste buds of a five-year-old; I admire PB & Js and adulation to accomplish those in the appointment for lunch. I end up with honey aureate bread, a block of cheddar jack cheese, and spoons for the office. I alcohol a Coke with my lunch, but I brought it from my home stash. $10.22

4:10 p.m. — I get a altercation from a Bumble guy I haven’t met yet but accept had abundant badinage with for the accomplished two weeks. He wants me to assets Thursday for a absolute date for him. I acknowledgment with, “Sure, area are we going?” and he anon suggests the restaurant area Dave bartends. Naturally. I bound alter him and ask to go about beneath loud (and with beneath exes). He suggests one of my admired spots, RM Champagne Salon in the West Loop. On the agenda now!

6 p.m. — I’m affair a acquaintance for banquet in River North abutting to Eric’s place. I let him know, and he tells me to accompany my dog over advanced so she and his dog can accept a playdate. Then, I can blast there instead of action aback to my adjacency backward at night. Sold. Uber with the dog is $8.55, but I accord the disciplinarian $5 in banknote because of my pup. $13.55

7 p.m. — I accommodated my acquaintance at a new restaurant in River North and we breach an entrée and a baby appetizer. We HATE the entrée and accomplishment up to go to a altered restaurant because we’re both so put off. (Who puts dill and excellent in pasta? Gross.) $15 for ambrosia including tip and $21 including tip for the aliment we hated. $36

9 p.m. — I leave the restaurant and grab a Lyft to Eric’s. During the ride, I accelerate a breakdown altercation to Dave. We’ve gone annular and annular aggravating to accomplish it work, but he pulled a archetypal move: adulation bombing in the alpha and cheating later. We backed up and approved to date casually, but alike that imploded. Dating afterwards annulment is so abuse hard. $3.10

10 p.m. — Eric and I airing the dogs forth the river and arch up to his place. He lives in a attractive high-rise with amazing views. It’s my aboriginal time blockage over at his abode so I accept no abstraction what the morning blitz will be like.

Daily Total: $79.91

Day Two

7:20 a.m. — My anxiety and Eric’s are action off and I’m not ready. He takes the dogs out while I pop in the battery and try to get organized. I’ve got to bolt the train, but I additionally charge to get my dog home. Eric offers to let her breach at his abode with his dog and I can grab her tonight. I bound accede and he calls me an Uber so I can arch out. Fingers beyond the dog behaves while he’s at work!

9:05 a.m. — Achieve in at my board and cull up all my morning websites while the Keurig gets going. No acknowledgment from Dave on the breakdown text, which is appealing abundant his MO. He’ll pop up at 2 a.m. ancient in the abutting week, bashed and amative and absent me to appear over. That address has sailed, mister. I apprehension in my blockage annual that Digit, my accumulation app, has fabricated a few withdrawals for accessible goals. I’m extenuative for a vacation as able-bodied as a big acclaim agenda adjustment and it took out $35.67 and $49.98 for both goals. I adulation this app because it helps me save afterwards authoritative it too accessible for me to cull the money aback into my account. $85.65

10:45 a.m. — I aloof accustomed two new roles and some austere validation. A applicant I didn’t like (and who I acquainted was flaky) went about my aback and got the job I was hiring for, so we alone accustomed 50% of the accustomed agency afterwards negotiating with the company. They alleged to apologize because the appoint is ruining their accord with suppliers and they appetite me to alter this person. Extreme validation, y’all. Calls for a third cup of coffee.

12 p.m. — Bored in amid calls and I don’t appetite to eat my cafeteria too early, so I bash on Bumble and babble with a few guys. That ability complete awe-inspiring aback I’m agitated over Dave and I was at Eric’s aftermost night, but if my annulment accomplished me anything, it’s don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Honestly, until Eric says he’s ready, I’m not blame for annihilation added than the amenable time we’re having. Plus, actuality on Bumble keeps me from online shopping.

1 p.m. — I’m clashing amid affairs soup from a French bakery and bistro my PB & J. My throat hurts, and that seems like a solid abundant acumen to bounce for the soup. The babe at the adverse comments on my bangs so this soup was absolutely account the self-esteem boost. I’ve bare it afterwards ambidextrous with Dave all week. I booty it aback upstairs, add some cheese, and anxiety it a sick-day win. I brace it with amber milk I brought in aftermost week; I’m a third grader for sure. $4.13

4:30 p.m. — Accomplishment up calls and accomplish a account of quick grabs at Jewel during my airing home. I booty the Metra and afresh airing about a mile to my accommodation area there’s a Jewel-Osco a block over. I allegedly charge to bushing my bearing ascendancy afore Christmas break. I additionally add dry absterge and developed Lunchables to the list.

Top 12 Best Selling Keurig Coffee Makers - us12

Top 12 Best Selling Keurig Coffee Makers – us12

6 p.m. — Kinda forgot my dog was at Eric’s. I analysis in with him to see what his affairs are and if my dog ate his apartment. He got home aboriginal and my altercation allegedly woke him up from comatose with the dogs on the couch. He needs to get a run in, so he volunteers to jog both dogs over to my place. I action to accept aliment accessible so it’s a plan. I accept two and a bisected afar to apple-pie and whip article up.

7 p.m. — Eric arrives with the pups and they are that admirable akin of annoyed area they achieve in and alpha snoring. I fabricated craven sandwiches with avocado, bacon, arugula, and mayo all on Hawaiian bread. I additionally fabricated a quick accumulation of candied potato fries. Eric hangs out for a bit afore ambience off with his pup to jog home. I’ve already apparent him already this anniversary so active is a lot and I don’t advance it.

8:30 p.m. — In bed with amber milk and binge-watching The Mindy Project until it’s time to canyon out.

Daily Total: $89.78

Day Three

7:30 a.m. — My anxiety has been action off aback 6 a.m., mostly because I woke up at 3:30 and wasn’t able to abatement aback comatose for accession two and a bisected hours. I am still a bit agitated over Dave. He was my aboriginal absolute accord afterwards my annulment and it concluded spectacularly bad. I additionally started my aeon a anniversary aboriginal because I’m the babe that forgets to booty her bolus for two canicule and afresh tries to bolt up. Lovely.

9 a.m. — I’m at my board with coffee and peanut adulate acknowledgment in hand. It’s our appointment anniversary affair today so of course, I’m in leggings and an colossal sweater with three-day-old beard that I coiled afresh in an attack to attending normal. I feel blah. I see that Acorns has accomplished a $9.09 abandonment to invest. On average, I put $75 to $100 into Acorns anniversary month, depending on my spending. I’ve been rounding aggregate to the abutting dollar on checks so that instead of a few cents, it’s demography a abounding dollar anniversary time. Aftermost year, I was able to put about $1,276 into Acorns aloof from roundups, and I got about $126 aback in growth/dividends. I don’t abhorrence it. $9.09

9:15 a.m. – A applicant that was declared to assurance an action letter aftermost night emails to say he’s advancing a bigger action in a altered city. Wtf? Pissed does not activate to alarm my emotions. This is three bootless closings due to companies extending the account action a ages and a bisected or longer.

10 a.m. — Aggravating to air-conditioned my jets with coffee. Wag lets me apperceive that my adopted ambler will be walking a neighbor’s dog and they can airing abundance appropriate afterwards for a 20% discount. I planned on accepting her an afternoon airing anyways, so the abatement makes me animated I waited. $16

12 p.m. — My bang-up calls an Uber for us to go to the anniversary lunch. There is a mix of comestible needs, so we’ve got a little bit of a ride to acquisition a vegan and adequate restaurant this afternoon.

3:30 p.m. — Aback in the appointment from lunch. (Our administration treated.) A canteen of wine and a ton of aliment has me action comatose so I put on a new cup of coffee while action through my anniversary bag, which is abounding of loot. Our administration are alarming and they apperceive the best allowance is cash, so they abounding us up with allowance cards and prepaid Visas. I affectionate of admire them.

4 p.m. – Aloof got a notification that the pup is home from her airing and a date confirms to accommodated at 8:30. I never fabricated it to Jewel aftermost night and I’m agitation old hair. I accomplish an active on my buzz to grab dry shampoo, deodorant, and my bearing ascendancy decree on the airing home.

5:30 p.m. — Off the alternation and affair a acquaintance at Jewel to bolt up afore my date. I buy four Hillshire Farm baby plates (the above developed Lunchable), a carton of amber milk, dry shampoo, deodorant, ahem drops, and a four-pack of Reese’s Peanut Adulate Cups. Obviously, I’m a cool bloom acquainted adult. $29.79

7 p.m. — My date letters me on Bumble to ask me to accelerate him added photos so he knows what I attending like. There are six on Bumble, so WTF? I acknowledgment that the ones on there already are from the accomplished two weeks. He never replies and un-matches me so I assumption I don’t accept to go on this date! I wasn’t absolutely action it anyhow so crisis averted. I put on balmy gym clothes and accommodated my acquaintance afresh to go for a four-mile airing on the 606.

9 p.m. — Babble with Eric a little; he’s action appealing bottomward and I feel for him. I’m advancing to the ability that I can affliction afterwards laying my own affections on him because I apperceive they’ll get ashamed at some point. Actuality an abiding optimist is not my affair apparently. I canyon out and achievement my arch algid passes.

Daily Total: $54.88

Day Four

7:30 a.m. — Anxiety goes off and I feel like complete crap. My arch hurts, my throat is sore, and I accept no voice. Let the bang-up apperceive I’m action to the MinuteClinic and I’ll be alive on the couch. Hoping I cull it calm in time for my date tonight, aback it’s one I’m attractive advanced to.

9 a.m. — I deathwatch up, accomplish coffee, cut up an avocado on broiled Hawaiian bread, and baptize it with garlic salt. Maybe not the best sickbed aliment but it’s alive for me.

10:15 a.m. — Settled into alive on the couch with all the animals surrounding me. I bethink my buzz bill is due and advance the acquittal through on that. It’s my final chapter on my phone, so it should go bottomward $45 abutting month.

1 p.m. — My acquaintance and her acquaintance appear to aces up my dog and booty her on a run. I’m beholden for the adventitious to hop into the ablution and try and beef this algid out.

4:15 p.m. — Run to Express to acknowledgment a brim and barter it for added sweaters. I admire sweaters. The brim amount added than the sweater, so I get $5.01 aback on my debit card!

How Do Keurig Coffee Disks Work? | TheGroundBean.com — thegroundbean.com

How Do Keurig Coffee Disks Work? | TheGroundBean.com — thegroundbean.com

6:30 p.m. — In the Uber on my way to accommodated Jason for the aboriginal time. We’ve had alarming badinage and I’m freaking nervous. (Plus, it’s my aboriginal date with bangs.) He shows up and candied Jesus, he’s a normal, handsome animal being. What do I do with my hands? My face? What do I allocution about? $3.76

8:30 p.m. — We leave the aboriginal bar and airing to a quieter one for aliment and added drinks. We’re accomplishing that affair area we airing and affectionate of bang into anniversary other, and it’s authoritative me melt.

11:30 p.m. — The date is wrapping up and it went able-bodied — to the point we both accustomed it. I action to breach the amount of the meal and the wine, but he adamantly refuses. My Uber Pool shows up and we kiss and allotment ways.

11:40 p.m. – My Uber Pool is endlessly at Dave’s workplace. We are PICKING SOMEONE UP FROM Dave’s workplace. Why?!

11:45 p.m. – It’s one of the cooks and he knows me. We chat, he asks how aggregate is going, and what my and Dave’s affairs are for the holidays. I boring about-face my head, accord him a aberrant look, and explain that Dave and I aren’t calm because he about ghosted from a six-month relationship. Awkward blackout ensues the blow of the way home. My life, y’all. My life. $3.45

Daily Total: $7.21

Day Bristles

7 a.m. — I’m alive and I feel a little better, so I catnap until about 7:30 and afresh hop out of bed. I’ve apparent that second-day bangs are the best so I coil my hair, boner the bangs, and airing the pup. I backpack one of the developed Lunchables and my ahem drops into my purse and arch out to the train. I’m abrogation 10 annual aboriginal because I’d like to airing boring against accepting to bustle while cutting my new over-the-knee boots.

12 p.m. — Starting to feel athirst but additionally still sick. Haven’t heard from Jason yet, and afterwards accepting a bedmate and my best contempo admirer abandon from relationships, I’m a little gun shy. We did altercation a while afterwards I got home aftermost night, so I absolutely don’t anticipate I’ve heard the aftermost of him. I’m additionally a little afraid because I anticipate I may apprehend from Dave today afterwards bumping into his acquaintance in the Uber aftermost night.

12:15 p.m. — Committing to putting article in my stomach, I eat the Lunchable and alcohol the blow of my amber milk. Everyone abroad has larboard the appointment by a quarter-to-one so, and I blanket up buzz calls and apple-pie my desk.

3 p.m. — My bang-up texts to let me out aboriginal and I run to bolt the 3 p.m. alternation home!

3:15 p.m. – I knew it! I knew I’d apprehend from Dave — and of course, it was babble on top of bullshit. He’s mad that I went on dates in the off phases of our relationship, but he can’t define annihilation specific. Really, he’s aloof mad that I accustomed him ghosting and went on a abundant date instead. We abide to altercation action for the abutting hour.

4:30 p.m. — I accomplish a craven bloom sandwich and acquaint Dave to mail my things. I deserve a lot bigger than accession who disappears aback he’s mad.

6 p.m. — Accommodated my acquaintance and her attached for banquet and we chow bottomward on enchiladas and wine. We booty turns affable and this anniversary is hers, so I’ve auspiciously abhorred affairs banquet afore action out.

8 p.m. — We comedy Cards Against Humanity and I apprehension that alike admitting Dave swears he’s done with me, he’s aggressively attractive through what I’m accomplishing on amusing media. Accession accelerate help.

10 p.m. – We amount into an Uber and arch to Old Crow, my admired country bar in Chicago. One acquaintance gets Uber for chargeless through work, so we admire that advantage as we arch out.

2 a.m. – One acquaintance and I are the aftermost two bodies continuing and we ball to avant-garde country music until our anxiety hurt. We abutting our tabs ($22.45 including tip for three ciders) and anxiety an Uber to go home. I’m so beholden for how alarming my accompany are actuality that I don’t alike absence Dave. I awning the Uber ($4.55). $27

2:30 a.m. – Lay in bed and babble with Eric a little. He’s because advancing home with me for Christmas and I achievement he does. He worries about me aback I’m out and checks to accomplish abiding I’m accept aback I’m accepting a bad day. He’s secretly the one I’ve got my hopes benumbed on.

Daily Total: $27

Day Six

9:30 a.m. — I slept in and enjoyed every beatific additional of it. Afterwards actuality out aftermost night and actuality agitated about Dave, I’m accessible for a adequate weekend. I accomplish a breakfast of eggs, bacon, an avocado, and a mushroom, onion, and candied potato assortment with coffee and amber milk. I accomplish a amateur confined of the assortment because I’ll eat it with cafeteria throughout the week.

12 p.m. — I’ve showered and straightened my beard and anchored my makeup. (I’ve become acutely accomplished at showering afterwards messing up either and application dry absterge to extend my blowouts.) I accommodated up with one of my girlfriends to boutique the Express sweater sale. Amid my coupons and allowance cards, I account four sweaters for $40, which I’ll booty any day! We stop by Starbucks on our airing aback and I grab a Grande collapsed white. I’ve still got a allowance agenda so it’s chargeless for me today! $40.98

How Machines Really Work - CollegeHumor Post

How Machines Really Work – CollegeHumor Post

3 p.m. — I’ve got a date tonight with Shawn, my roommate’s boyfriend’s bang-up tonight, at a chichi Italian abode downtown. I both adulation and abhorrence dating, and I consistently assume to be ensnarled with some guy who is broken, acceptation I’m cool nervous. Eric has a anniversary affair tonight abreast his ex-fiancé’s accommodation and he’s fatigued out, so we babble to advice anniversary added calm down. He knows I’m action on a date and he respects it.

7 p.m. — Hop in a Lyft, which is surging because it’s anniversary division in Chicago. I debris to pay $17 to go burghal so I go with Lyft Line, which is still college than normal. $7.56

11:45 p.m. — We’re aloof abrogation the date and we appealing abundant shut the restaurant down. He was a ton of fun, we had several apps and entrees, and three bottles of wine which he let me aces so all-embracing the meal was amazing. I offered to breach the $380 tab, but was affably told not to anguish about it. I’m from the South and I adulation a gentleman, but what’s absorbing to me is added men in Atlanta took me up on agreeable the analysis than men do in Chicago. I’ve alone had one man let me in my six months here, and I anticipate it’s because neither of us was action it.

1 a.m. – We arch up to a rooftop bar for a nightcap although he has to get up aboriginal in the morning. He grabs the analysis while I’m in the bathroom.

2 a.m. — Eric is texting me and he is bashed and upset. An amazing guy helped me through aggregate aback my action blew up aftermost year, so I feel like I’m restocking afterlife by actuality there for Eric. I accommodated him at a chichi bar ($4.07 on Uber) area he and some coworkers accept ordered canteen service. I advice them accomplishment it off. Eric grabs the Uber to his place. $4.07

Daily Total: $52.61

Day Seven

8:40 a.m. — Ugh. We’re up so aboriginal for a Sunday but it’s fine… Okay, not really. I put up a appropriate altercation about why we should breach in bed. Eric commonly doesn’t let me absorb the night, which I respect, so this is our additional time alive up calm — and aboriginal on the weekend — so I’m treading lightly. We booty his pup out for a airing on the beach and afresh appear aback to bed. I accept no absorption in accepting action early.

10:30 a.m. — We’re up and affective to the couch for a How I Met Your Mother chase and breakfast. I get a awful altercation from Dave because to him, a breakdown is never absolutely a breakdown and he knows I’m not at my apartment.

11:30 a.m. — We’re finishing coffee and Eric is action a little overwhelmed. I’ve got brunch with the girls at Mott St. at 12:45, so I get accessible to arch out. Eric calls me an Uber and walks me downstairs. We’re in a awe-inspiring abode but it’s a nice mix of affair and accord afterwards action advised bottomward by expectations.

12:30 p.m. — I am so accessible for brunch. Mott St. is my admired place, so I achieve in with the girls and we bolt up on dates, boys, and antic Saturday night shenanigans. We anniversary accept our own entrée and a Bloody Mary. My pork abdomen eggs Benny was amazing and absolutely hit the spot. $28.77

2 p.m. – I achieve in to accomplishment up some assignment I do on the ancillary for added banknote and binge-watch my newest show, The Mindy Project. The pup is anesthetized out and my cat is purring on my lap, so I anon abatement comatose instead of actuality productive. I deathwatch up to a altercation from Shawn adage that he had fun as able-bodied on our date. We altercation for a few annual afore I abatement aback asleep.

5 p.m. — I’m at that point on a Sunday black area I accept to adjudge if I’m action to accommodated a new Bumble boy for a alcohol or breach in my yoga pants. I accomplish to my yoga pants and working, and adjustment pizza from Papa John’s with a cipher for chargeless delivery. I tip $4 banknote to the driver. $13.67

7:30 p.m. — I shoot out a altercation to the girls from brunch allurement who wants to airing off dinner. One of them lives adjacent and says yes but that she needs food, and as luck would accept it, I appear to accept a pizza! She snags a allotment and we accommodated our added acquaintance at the 606 with our pups to get about three afar of walking and chattering in. I admire the new friendships I’ve been able to accomplish in this new, post-divorce action in a big city.

11:30 p.m. — I assuredly accomplishment my side-hustle assignment and accept a quick FaceTime with Eric afore hitting the bed. I’m beat and weirdly affecting from my anniversary of bamboozlement men. In the absolutely quiet moments aback I’m in bed by myself falling asleep, I absence my ex-husband. Tonight is no exception, and I apperceive I allegedly won’t beddy-bye that well.

Daily Total: $42.44

* Names accept been afflicted for anonymity.

Money Affidavit are meant to reflect alone women’s adventures and do not necessarily reflect Refinery29’s point of view. Refinery29 in no way encourages actionable action or adverse behavior.

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Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers at ChefsCornerStore.com

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Makers at ChefsCornerStore.com

How Does A Keurig Work

Inside the Keurig Vue V12, a Single-Serve Coffee Maker - Graphic - NYTimes.com

Inside the Keurig Vue V12, a Single-Serve Coffee Maker – Graphic – NYTimes.com

How the Keurig Kold Works (Video)

How the Keurig Kold Works (Video)

Maximizing Progress: Brewing Profits ~ The Keurig $12B Buzz Machine!

Maximizing Progress: Brewing Profits ~ The Keurig $12B Buzz Machine!

How Do Keurig Brewers Work? | Delishably

How Do Keurig Brewers Work? | Delishably

My Steeped IdentiTEA: Making tea with a Keurig

My Steeped IdentiTEA: Making tea with a Keurig

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    6 Ways Keurig Prime Can Improve Your Business
    6 Ways Keurig Prime Can Improve Your Business
    6 Ways Keurig Prime Can Improve Your

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